Comparing the Top 5 Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Canister Vac

When choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you it us important to consider where, how, and why a vacuum cleaner will be used. Those factors are important to be able to find which type of the vacuum cleaner you shall have or purchase. Once that is settled and you are aware of which type suits you best, the next step in choosing the right vacuum cleaner is knowing which brands are popular, trust worthy, and carries the certain type of vacuum you would like to have.

This guide will help you know more about the top 5 best and popular brands for the vacuum cleaners. If you’d like to see an even more detailed vacuum cleaner brand comparison, this is the best resource for you.

▶ Dyson

Dyson is known for their company’s powerful vacuum cleaners. As of now, they showcase all types of vacuum cleaners. The company makes sure that each Dyson product has no unnecessary consumables, smaller or lighter, and lasts for a really long time. If you are to look up popular vacuum cleaners, the name Dyson will surely be a part of that list. Their producrs ranges from $300 to $600. The company has a 30 day money back policy. One of their really popular products is the Dyson DC 25 Bagless Animal Upright.

▶ Hoover

Hoover has become quite a household name for vacuum cleaners. This compqny has been around for such a long time that they surely know how to make their vacuum cleaners. It has always been popular that the word “hoover” in most part of Europe is actually used as a substitute for the vacuum cleaner itself. This company sells all types of vacuum cleaners. Their really popular products are the Hoover Wind Tunnel Multi-Cyclonic and the Hoover Linx Cordless stick. Products sold from this brand ranges from even as low as $50 to $300. They have the 30 day return policy.

▶ Shark

Shark is from the company Euro Pro, which is well known for their innovative household appliances. Shark is known for their vacuum cleaners of all types. Their vacuum products ranges from $100 to $500. Any product from this company may be returned within 60 days of purchase. One of their popular and best selling product is the Shark Navigator Professional Upright.

▶ Miele

Known for their rich history of high quality products, the brand Miele from Germany is also popular for having vacuum cleaners that are pet owner friendly. Their vacuum cleaners are powerful and efficient. Miele is considered as a high end company. Their vacuum prices are from $300 to $1000. They showcase the different types of the vacuum cleaner. One of their best sellers is the Miele S2121 Olympus Canister.

Canister Vac


Neato is known for their robotic vacuum cleaners. These are the so called smart vacuum cleaners or as what the company calls, the brainy vacs.

Unlike other brands that sell robot vacuum cleaners, a Neato product has sensors that are 360°. It means that a Neato vacuum would simply find its way around the house without bumping much into walls or furnitures. It also has a sensor that could detect a staircase to prevent it from falling.

Their vacuum products are ranging from $300 to $600. One of their best sellers is the Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner, which is also known for being pet friendly.

Most of any brands showcases all types of vacuum cleaners. Again, it is necessary to determine or consider certain factors before purchasing a vacuum cleaner to be able to maximize its worth. Such factors will depend on the purpose of the vacuum cleaner.

For certain products of the different brands available in the market, it is still best to look up different reviews online to be surw that it is what you really are looking for. Remember that it is always best to be wise when it comes to investing with not only your vacuum cleaners, but as well as your household appliances.

Everything You Need To Know About the Champion Juicer

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Juicing has been the easiest alternative in trimming down some weight and has contributed a lot in maintaining one’s healthy lifestyle. Slowly, juicing is becoming influential and, of course, very beneficial in helping people stay on a healthy note.

Getting interested in juicing? I’m pretty sure you are.

But before your excitement completely eats the best of you, you must, first, identify the kind of juicer you will use as a head start for your life-changing journey. There are varieties of juicer and these juicers differ in function. Knowing which type of juicer to use is going to be based on what you want to use the juicer for. There’s auger juicers (single and twin), masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers, and then there’s champion juicers.

What is a Champion Juicer?

From the root word itself, the Champion Juicer is the true and only masticating juicer there is in the market. It is the only juicer that has the ability to cut and chew the foodstuff, thus, making it a champion. Unlike auger juicers which rotate at a relatively lower speed, Champion Juicers uses its single horizontal cutter to enable the juicer to rotate at about 1,725 RPM, way higher speed compared to the other type of juicers in the market. The champion juicer’s cutter has saw tooth cutting blades at one end and an auger on the other – somehow, a combination of masticating and auger juicers.


How does it Function?

First, the cutting blades (cutting section) located on one end of the juicer grinds the produce – vegetables or fruits – to be processed. Next, a combination of centrifugal force, compression, and gravity is used to extract the juice from the produce out of the juicer’s housing located on the bottom part. You can also watch this video of the process.

Then, the auger section, located on the front, pushes the pulp forward and out of the front of the housing. Because the champion juicer functions at a relatively higher speed and the processing time during juicing lasts several seconds, it produces richer juice with more vigorous colors, flavors, and nutrient content.

For more details on the working of the champion juicer and some trusted reviews visit this link.

Why Choose the Champion Juicer?

The name speaks for itself. It is unsurpassed! Logically speaking, why would you settle for less when you already have a tried and tested champion? Consumer reports has an awesomely detailed juicer comparison guide here.

If you are quite a newbie in the juicing thing then it is Champion you should choose. Why? Here’s why.

  • Champions are easy to use. It is designed for simplicity. The juicer does not require any complicated mechanical stuff to assemble. Plus, all its parts are easy to clean.
  • As mentioned above, it has both cutting blades and an auger. It is the only the only juicer that can cut and chew the foodstuff making it more versatile than other juicers. Aside from extracting the usual produces – vegetables and fruits – it can also produce coconut milk, baby food, ice creams and sherbets. No other juicer can do this. A Champion, indeed!
  • The quality of juices that the Champion makes is apparent in taste. The juices are richer and more flavorful compared to the producers of other juicers.

Knife with orange

  • Its homogenizing capability is unsurpassed by its slow speed competitors. The high rotational speed of the cutter, the grinding action of the saw tooth blades, and the longer processing time makes the Champion way ahead of the other juicers available in the market.
  • Basically, it is the answer to every juicing problem there is. The Champion juicer retains more nutrients, fibers, and minerals that vegetables and other foodstuff have making the juice darker and richer in color with more full-bodied flavor – which makes the produce more tasteful and at the same time, much healthier.