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The Perfect Ring for a Musician for Improving Performance

Love, maybe…

There are different kinds of love. One can say there is the filial love or love for family. Another form is agape or love for the divine. Then there is love for another or the erotic kind of love. These kinds of love can be expressed in many ways.  They can be expressed through:

In case you’re wondering, don’t worry, we’ll soon get to the point on how women, music and the perfect engagement ring come together at Asko Ensemble.

  • giving gifts: this is maybe one of the most well-known ways to express one’s love, they try to give a representation of love or a reminder of it through a tangible thing, that way one may see it and remember the person who loves them through this gift
  • acts of service: the person in love performs acts for another to show that their love for them is carried out through the effort that they give
  • acts of sacrifice: these acts are given by those who try to show the additional hardship that the giver undergoes to prove their love for the other, it is a process of self-denial for the benefit of the other
  • through speech: this is simpler to do but must be carried out with sincerity, the effect would be just as lasting as any gift or service provided that it is based on the truth
  • through touch: nothing may communicate love more potently than the power of touch, nothing else needs to be given, done, or proven, no words need to be proven

These are the basic ways that love is expressed. It is of course not limited to these things nor does it hope to be a definition of such. The definition of love can be as wide as the universe and can span as long as time itself. It can go on forever.

Another expression

There are so many ways to show one’s love for another. This way is just another way. If one selects the method of gift giving, they can choose to give a ring.

Yellow diamond engagement rings have been around for quite a long time now. They may not be as clear when it comes to clarity when compared to a white diamond however, they may be regarded as having more character. There is just something elegant about the golden hue that yellow diamond rings give off. There is that rich color that attracts the eye and that somehow makes it more distinct. It stands out from most of the colored diamonds out there, somewhat. This can surely be another way to delight your loved one.

The canary is calling

Yellow diamond engagement rings may not be easy to come by. It really depends on the demand and the availability. This piece is kind of considered a defect in the diamond market. It is kind of like looking for the best looking one out there that is marketable. It is all a matter of preference however and it does not necessarily mean that just because it is considered of lower quality than a white diamond, the owner would consider it as well.

canary colored diamond rings

A diamond is still a diamond and the value that one places on such does not have to be limited to what is monetary.

As you can see, even musicians who are female or women don’t have to sacrifice their love life and personal life to be able to perform at musical events. They can very happily and proudly wear high quality and exquisite jewelry without having to worry about ruining their musical instrument playing skills.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Fake Eyelashes – From a Musician’s Point of View

Feathery, Luscious and extensive eyelashes are every girl’s dream

All the young girls have become more make up conscious and trendy nowadays. They want a perfect looking face on every occasion whether small or big. You might have heard of natural home remedies of elongating your real eyelashes; applying olive oil or petroleum jelly! Was it useful? I know all such efforts have failed.

Fake eyelashes are usually made from human hair or synthetic material that is not harmful to use. There are two types of false eyelashes used these days; one is used for less than a day or few hours; whereas as some are applied semi permanently for few number of days.

Generally fake eyelashes are used as a substitute to the expensive every dry mascaras in the market. We called it a dream in our article; as all young girls of today’s era have grown up watching the famous Cinderella and other fairytale movies; showcasing the prettiest girl characters with extra long and enhanced eyelashes. I am sure we all agree media plays an important role in influencing one’s personality.

As we all know eyes play a vital role in one’s makeup, trend of applying fake eyelashes to enhance your eyes has increased. Yes, believe it or not, you can learn how to apply false lashes from 5 easy steps on YouTube or other sites on Google.

Thanks to search engines for such helpful cosmetic tutorials. You may not find a user manual with them when you buy them from a shop so taking up an online advice is constructive.

Method of applying Fake eyelashes

If you think you can never apply the false lashes follow the 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Cut the sides of eyelashes if they are longer than your real eyelashes to avoid floppy look. It will give you a more natural look, not all eyelashes need cutting adjust them according to your size and need.

Step 2: Always first apply some glue on your pointer finger or balm to check for any skin reaction as eyes are very sensitive part of skin.

Step 3: Now by using glue tube put some on the eyelash avoid dropping a lot at one time and merge it evenly.

Step 4: slowly, apply it at the right place while keeping your eyes closed wait for few seconds let it dry.

Step 5: Now you can apply your mascara so that it combines with the natural eyelash.

From where you can buy this little bundle of happiness

Many renowned cosmetic companies like Mac and Ardell have the lashes available online on their official websites with easy payment and delivery options. But if you are not a regular online buyer and think it as a hassle to do shopping online, you can also get them offline from your nearest cosmetic store.

In fact sellers on shop could recommend you better with the type of eyelashes to use depending on your real lash volume. I would suggest you buying online as sometimes sites are offering products on discounted rates.

Vivica Fox and Her Inspirational Fashion Career

The owner’s background.

The owner of Vivica Fox Wigs is none other  than the actress, Vivica A. Fox (she has no direct correlation to music and Asko Ensemble, but we still wanted to let you know about her work). Few might know that the “A” actually stands for Anjanetta. She used to be a basketball player at five feet and seven inches in height. Her high school team actually played in the Indianapolis City Championship.

She then moved on to try her hand at acting which was a childhood dream. Her mother however, made her promise to finish her schooling first so she moved to the East Coast to complete her studies. While there, she also did some modeling but her career did not really take off.

It was a good stepping-stone because she was able to move on to acting from there. She was discovered on Sunset Boulevard and was able to land a Clearasil ad. From there she moved on to do different television shows. One of the most notable ones was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She then continued on to do movies. The following is a list of movies she has starred in:

  • Born On the Fourth of July
  • Independence Day
  • Booty Call
  • Batman and Robin
  • Why Do Fools Fall in Love?
  • Idle Hands
  • Two Can Play That Game

 The Wig Business

     Vivica Fox Wigs began in 2009 under the notion that there should be top quality wigs available to women around the world. They are online and may be contacted through vivicafoxhair.com.

Stores nearest a potential buyer may also be found by using their store locator. They have many different wigs available for the truly discriminating. Among the product list is the following:

  • Extensions
  • Lace Front
  • Pure Stretch Cap
  • Hand Made Collections
  • Air Cap Collection
  • Specialty Wigs
  • Accessories
  • Color Chart

The prices for these beauty enhancers are also available online. There is no need to go to the physical store to purchase your wig. You can have it shipped. It is that fast, simple and easy! One’s new look is just a click of a button away.

More information on Vivica and Why Her Wigs are So Trendy

Vivica Fox Wigs even has a Tips and Trends section in their website. Women can keep up to date on the current trends.

They can suggest the look that may be right for you at a price that fits the budget. It is a sure help to have this feature because one can know more about their purchase before they even buy it. There is also a product search feature so that one can find what they need right away.

It can show details about the piece that they want so that the prospective buyer would be able to compare it with other items that she might want to purchase. Price is of course very important so this is another thing that a prospective buyer should make use of. One must really get their money’s worth.

Buying online through this site though, ensures that the woman of style can have a wig that is perfect for her.

Music – Connects Everything Together

Have you got the slightest idea why music is such a widely applauded creation?

Did you ever think about all the differences between men and women, the young and the old, mathematicians and litterateurs, rappers and rockers and so on…

And yet, when you think about one thing, it connects them all an unites them into one group: this one thing is called music.

Music is what makes people think better of each other, this is what shapes people and their personalities from a very young age (some say even before being born) to the very last moment of their lives.

And just like music, fashion and style play another very important role, too.

What Music and Fashion Have in Common

If you never asked yourself this question before, well now you definitely should.

hollywood music and trends

There are many women and men who are very talented and who play all sorts of different music.

Just think about

  1. Lady Gaga
  2. Elton John
  3. Jon Bon Jovi
  4. Katy Perry
  5. and so on.

These are all very famous and talented musicians and millionaires. They plan entirely different music, however, and yet one thing is common in them all: they all pay a lot of attention to their looks.

For example, a superstars such as Lady Gaga or Katy Perry would never be seen in public without the proper make-up, the right hairstyle, the right clothes, the right jewelry and accessorizes and so on. They are following the most recent Hollywood trends, in a nutshell.

Also, an elegant gentleman like Elton John pays a lot of attention to fashion, too. For example, his clothes are always clean and well-taken care of, and he always follows the latest trends of the fashion world.

No wonder that these famous people seem so unapproachable to the common masses.

The common masses long to be like them: they want to look the same, just as good as these famous people.

They want to

  • wear the latest fashion approved clothes and shoes
  • they want to have the most hip and trendy hairstylest
  • they want to show off to their friends with all the new and fancy diamond jewlery they have
  • and the list goes on.

Do You Want to Follow Music and Fashion?

Well, now that you’re here, we have a pretty strong felling that you want to be like these famous people, too.

By all chances, you want to look hip, you want to make your friends feel jealous, you like listening to music classical and modern music, too) and most of all, you want to feel good in your skin.

Have no fear! This is the single most important goal we have in our minds at Asko Ensemble: we want to help you manifest these dreams of yours so that you can join people in their love for fashion and music and all great things, too.